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Homes for Sale in Auburn Bay Calgary

If you visually perceive yourself in a picturesque and tranquil house near a lake or if you are more into outdoor activities such as boating and fishing then Auburn Bay is worth checking out.

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Located in the southern part of Calgary, Auburn Bay is a new residential community and a well-off neighborhood. It is one of the few communities that have a beach and a lake which makes it a key benefit to residents. Its neighborhood exudes a warm, welcoming, cottage country atmosphere perfect for neighborhood gathering and community building. Families and friends can come here to celebrate and bond together and form a sense of camaraderie.

McKenzie Towne is bordered on the northern part of Auburn Bay while Seton borders it on the southern side. Surrounded by Mahogany in the east and bounded by Cranston in the west. Most of the listings in Auburn Bay are designed luxuriously with large bedrooms, a cavernous yard, multiple floors, and a lavish view of the lake. The average size of Auburn Bay homes are around 2,000 to 3,000 square feet. Auburn Bay caters to buyers that are probing for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and are interested in high-end luxurious real estate while providing safety and security for its elite and upscale residents. The price range of homes in Auburn Bay eliminates many home buyers. Only Auburn Bay residents can get access to the lake, activities such as fishing and boating, and skating during the winter season. Auburn Bay has a wide selection of newly built single family homes and semi-attached homes, and condominiums to choose from depending on the home buyer’s criteria.

New communities are being established in Calgary as it expands due to a flourishing population. Some neighborhoods opted out in building traditional homes with an affordable price, while others saw this as an opportunity to build exclusive neighborhoods. As this area is getting developed, residents will have access to more schools, malls, transportation, and other developments.