Top 3 qualities of a good tenant


Many people might think that finding tenants is easy. But only the landlords know how difficult it can be to find a qaulity tenant for their property. Here are the top qualities of a good tenant.

Pays on time

The first criterion of a great tenant is that he or she will always pay the monthly rental on time. For any kinds of maintenance work, if the landlord asks to contribute, then the tenant won’t hesitate to do so.


A good tenant will be responsible for keeping the house in good condition. The tenant will make sure that nothing in the house gets damaged on purpose. He or she will keep the rooms clean and in good condition. The tenants will take responsibility for the house as if it was theirs.


A good tenant will respect you as a landlord. If a landlord asks for something the tenant will try to meet the landlord’s requirements without creating much trouble. There will be a good relationship between the landlord and tenant.

Finding a good tenant is a bit of luck. But there are some traits of good tenants. You should know these and try to find the right one for your house. There are real estate agents that can find a good tenant for you. They do a thorough check on the background of the tenants and then suggest them to you. This way the chance of getting a bad tenant decreases.